Monday, May 11, 2009

Hullo...? Anybody there?

It's been about... ahem... two and a half years since Culture Sluts ceased podcasting - hey a lot has happened! Check out Steve's new projects: & & virtual cinema. And I haven't been completely absent from the podcasting & music & filmmaking buzz either!

But I just wanted to post a message as I have started a new podcast... this time there's really no talk and all music. Basically it's a weekly mixtape of 10 songs that just happen to float my boat that week. It's called Love Action Luvs Friday Mixes! And as the name suggests, it's posted on tinterwebs every Friday morning.

You can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes here... or you can just go directly to the blog just here: Hey, enjoy! We miss ya!


Thursday, November 02, 2006

CultureSluts Podcast No.22

Another Week another Cast! - get the MP3 here CultureSluts podcast No.22!

This week we have a special guest panel, made up of the fabulous people from - Bernie Goldbach, Stacey+Tanya ( the Irish Podcasters who have been harassing Adam Curry of late) and Graham ( the legend ).

In the show we discuss Stacey and Tanya's appearences on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code, splenda, Adam Visiting Ireland, Limerick lessons for Adam , BT Podshow and BT Ireland.

Then we have a look at BEBO, MySpace and YouTube in Irish schools and colleges. We also look at the strange phenomenon of Chartbusters and Bebo.

We take a look at Second Life and visit the Second Life Virtual Dublin

We finish on some sounds from Steffen Coonan - "Morning in Ibiza"

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


happy bhalloween from the CultureSluts

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

CultureSluts Podcast No.21 (mp3)

This is the regular MP3
for folks who can't play the AAC file.

CultureSluts Podcast No.21 ( Enhanced AAC )

At LAST, we're back...with a brand new enhanced AAC it's CultureSluts podcast No.21!

It's been a while, but we have lots to talk about.

We're just back from Mipcom in Cannes, where we were nominated at the Mobile TV awards.

Jessie's music career takes off with Neosupervital with a gig at Electric Picnic and an upcoming Tour with a very FAMOUS band.

We talk about ZeFrank andf the Venice Project - and a little known connection.

The IIA Net Visionary Awards and nominations for Bernie Goldbach, Conn Ó Muíneacháin and Tom Raftery.

We surf youTube for Irish legends Twink and Johnny Logan

We look at new Irish telly programs TV3's The Box and Gift Grub's slagging of it.

and we mention the Cuban Music Awards at Pravda on November 2nd and the upcoming DEAF ( Dublin Electronic Arts Festival )

and a lot more.....

By the way, if you can't play the AAC file, we'll post a regular MP3 in the next post.

Also - apologies for my phone interfering with the recording - I didn't notice till after :-(

Saturday, August 05, 2006

In The Lebanon...

who are we?
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I know Culture Sluts is not a political blog or podcast, but it's one soapbox that I have to stand on, and I feel I've got a few comments I need to get off my chest.

I have personally found myself affected by the goings-on in Lebanon. One of my best friends was there to study and found herself in the middle of conflict. You can read her story here:

Since she returned home safely to LA, ridden with guilt about the friends and family she left behind, she has been updating her blog regularly. It's definitely worth checking out: Through some of her posts I came across this cartoonist who is currently in Beirut as well and has updating his blog and his Flickr with his drawings. I cannot help but feel completely sick about what is going on over there. And feel completely helpless, as an American, because my government has decided that they are going to step back from the matter and not help innocent civilians. It's disgusting.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Darklight Preview

Don't Forget the Upcoming Darklight Festival!!! Starts 23rd june...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

CultureSluts Podcast #20

and finally... it's CultureSluts podcast 20!

Were we jinxed by talking about the podfade? Perhaps, but we're back now, cathing up on everything CultureSluts: Steve's trips abroad to stuff happening all over Dublin & Ireland. Jessie discusses the overwhelming musical schedule she's roped herself into from Love Action in the Thomas House, to hosting the Shotgun Club to playing bass with Neosupervital and lastly, getting back into film by directing the music video for TwinKranes debut single 'Plateau'.

We also talk about the exciting upcoming Darklight Festival which takes place on the weekend of the 22nd of June.

There's loads more chat and goings-on and catching up... so download and listen now!