Monday, March 27, 2006

CultureSluts Podcast #18

A big fat hello from the CultureSluts with Podcast number 18! Easily offended listeners this probably isn't the episode for you... or maybe it is, our offence-o-meter's never been used before.

We're in Filmbase's Curved St. Cafe (for the last time as it's under new - not as good - management) talking about the Paddy's day Daily Source Code, our download statistics and the reliability of the Frappr Map - our googleability.

On the "culture" side of things, we talk about tabloid newspapers, Soccer AM, the GAA, Athlone being the Berlin of Ireland, Varga Girl pinups, Asian genetalia, Paddy's Day, and the Blog Awards.

We get excited about the Electric Picnic lineup, and Jessie gives the update on the latest Love Action gigs: Our latest venture, the monthly Shotgun Club debuting on April 6 with Sickboy, Moutpiece, Queen Kong and LPX.

We finish off the cast with a track from Sickboy

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The CultureSluts on Adam Curry's DSC!

Adam Curry played the Irish Podcaster's St. Patrick's Day Greeting on Daily Source Code #355. featuring Us, an Timeall, Bernie Goldbach, Brian Greene, Dermod Moore, Technolotics, Dec's Ramblings, Liam Burke, Keith Gaughan, Clonmel Chat, Tom Raftery, Sarah Stacy and Clara. Well done Bernie for a great idea!

Hopefully this may drive a few more listeners ( and podcasters! ) to the nascent Irish Podcasting scene.

It's kinda cool to get a mention on the DSC, since Me and Jessie have been listeners since the early days and it was Adam who inspired us to get podcastin' in the first place. So cheers Adam! I bet we will need a whole show to fit all the Irish Podcasters in next year :-)

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy Paddy's Day from CultureSluts!

Happy Paddy's Day !!!!! from Jessie + Steve.

Thinkingoutloud's Electric Dreams...

as you all know, the culturesluts are big human league fans, and we went to see them this week at vicar street ( more in the next podcast )....Irish Bloggie Winner 'that girl' has a good post over on thinkingoutloud about the gig and her young crush on Phil Oakey.....however, it wasn't just Phil who got the attention..I seem to remember the girls had their fair share of attention too......

Indie 103.1Fm comes from LA/OC to Dublin

One of our Fav stations, Indie 103.1fm is coming to DUBLIN, the morning crew are doing friday's show from Dublin for St. Patrick's Day. Well cool!

They should listen to a few CultureSluts episodes while here and maybe check out the LoveAction gig on Saturday in VooDoo~

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A big HOWDY to all the folks we met at Saturday's Blog Awards: Fixer, Elana, Jett and of course Wayne Ordinary American

Irish Blog Awards

Thursday, March 09, 2006

CultureSluts Podcast #17

It's Episode #17!

We're back in Dublin (at the same time), casting from Thomas Reads and talking to the multi-talented John Brereton.

Jessie talks about last week's Terry Hall gig, Steve talks about LA and the Oscar Wilde's.

John tells us about all his millions of great projects from promoting gigs & venues such as all the great nights going on in Pravda (including Pravdavision & the King Kong Club), Thomas Reads and the re-opening of Thomas House. He also tells us about the trials and tribulations of his band Sack from being the Irish band during the Brit-pop years to touring with Morrissey over the years.

We end with the Sack song "Climb Mine Powerhouse" from their second album "Butterfly Effect".

contact John about the King Kong Club here:

update: pravda link fixed, thanks tommy

Saturday, March 04, 2006

CultureSluts Podcast #16

Live from Penny's lingerie section and Beverly hills, no kidding! Catch the latest CultureSluts podcast

In this transatlantic cast, we dicuss the Independent Spirit Indie Film Awards -, Julie Feeney winning the Irish Album of the Year at the Choice Music Awards, Indie 103.1 FM, The 100th An tImeall Podcast, Shout out to Bernie's Students, Suicide Girls radio, the Twin Cranes and L.A. Stories!

The sound is a bit crackly at times due to the transatlantic cables! :-)