Tuesday, December 27, 2005

CultureSluts Podcast #11

At long last! the very anticipated, belated and slightly outdated
CultureSluts podcast 11!

In this episode Southern California's frightening architechture is dissed. We meet the one and only Jett Loe of Letter to America. The LTA vs CultureSluts rivalry is finally put to bed, we talk about our radio voices and how good looking we all are. Jessie's boyfriend's manliness is also questioned, we get a tip from Belfast, Love Action's outfits are described, and we even fit in a mention of Adam Curry.

We end with the song "Amino Acids' by Dublin's own Twin Kranes.

CS xmas update...

Happy Holidays folks!

Now that the main day of stress is over, I've got a second to apologise for the COMPLETE LACK of updates. I've been trying to upload the latest podcast for days now... there mustn't be very good broadband in California! As soon as Starbucks opens again after the holidays I'll be there using the 'ol T-mobile WiFi.

Expect it tomorrow! I promise!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Filming a demo of the Wildlight Channel for Tv3

Today in TV3, filming a segment for their breakfast show on Mobile Video. We were demo-ing the Wildlight Channel.

Monday, December 05, 2005

gettin Love Actiony with Shaun Ryder!

Love Action & Shaun are all smiles

What a night!!! Instead of DJing before Shuan Ryder, Sue & I ended up DJing with him for the entire gig. Don't worry, the whole event will be discussed at length in the next cast.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

CultureSluts Podcast #10

CultureSluts Podcast #10

Howya pardners! It's our 10th CultureSluts episode. This week we discuss our Frappr Map - as well as the Frapper map of others such as Love Action, Brencast, Saskia Nation and Letter to America.

Brendan of the Brencast sends us some audio talking about life as an Irish guy living in West Virginia, and recites for us some Irish poetry.

We talk about the Light Show - a new vidcast Jessie has started with Nicky from the Darklight Festival. Subscribe to the Light Show vidcast!

We also discuss at some length the Letter to America rivalry and the good Friday agreement of podcasting - as the rivalry has officially ended.

As a testiment to the old rivalry, we've begun a new segment here on the CultureSluts: Jen, Unordinary American. Jen, aka Black Phoebe, talked to her good friend Kaptain Trouble as well as Stu, the bassist for the Damned - she also goes on to tell us NOT to buy into the Suicide Girls hype, but to check out Varla Girls instead for our sexy tattooed lady fix...

We go on to talk about the upcoming gig this Friday the 2nd of December at VooDoo - where Jessie will be DJing with Shaun Ryder of the Happy Mondays.

Closing music is 'Horror Movie' by Dublin band, the Things - Enjoy loves!

PS - just claiming My Odeo Channel (odeo/c4c97127c5e4daab)