Monday, November 28, 2005

New VidCast!

As you well know, us CultureSluts are big indie movie fans. and big podcast fans. and we work on the wildlight channel. and our mate Nicky founded the Darklight Film Festival. So .... we thought .....why don't we do a Video Podcast about indie movies, what's on wildlight and darklight news. And so.. here is the first one... it's called the LIGHTSHOW. In this episode: Andrew Keogh, a member of the Dublin-based filmmaking group, Dogmedia Productions, who made the films 'Jennie Balfe' and 'The Confession Sessions' and clips from "Nun Fight Club". and don't worry we should get better with the lighting etc as we go on...:-). Get
it direct download from the blog: or from iTunes

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hey here's a few carefully chosen shots from the exiled Americans in Dublin Thanksgiving dinner... I shall be posting more on Flickr to be sure

Vegetarians look away now!

preparing the bird
Basting the big turkey crown
Kitchen aftermath
Happy Thanksgiving banner...
Thanksgiving Anagram
Vegetarian Meatloaf - and the rest of the tukey
Turkey sandwiches anyone?

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New frappr map!

YAY! We have a new frappr map for our listeners - add yourself here: . We can't wait to see brendan's podge and rodge icon!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Re-Pod of long lost CultureSluts # 5.0!

Re-Pod of long lost CultureSluts # 5.0!

Here it is... the long lost #5.0 podcast - with special guest Neosupervital. We talk gigs (but don't mind the dates as they're about 2 months out of date) the Dublin fringe festival, the spiegeltent, the tassel club burlesque & pasties.

Neosupervital then gives us his top ten favorite things of the moment.

Check it out!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

CultureSluts Podcast #9

CultureSluts Podcast Episode #9!

This week we've got Adrian Weckler from the Sunday Business Post as our guest.

We start off talking about Steve's trip to Singapore, Jessie's doppelganger, the new Gaelic Football game for Playstation, video iPods, porn for boys (Suicide Girls) as well as for girls (Sweet Action).

We mosey around the subject of the LTA rival podcast coming to Dublin and our upcoming rival Belfast podcast. As usual, we talk about upcoming gigs and bands, as well as the doomed SFX Theatre.

We end on the music of Dublin-based dreamy poppers, The Butterfly Explosion.

Monday, November 07, 2005

CultureSluts Podcast #8

Podcast #8

We've got a LONG show this week, as we're joined by lovely guests Tim Neosupervital and Fergal O'Byrne.

We start off talking music; different venues around Ireland, from both a musician's and punters viewpoint. Besides being Neosupervital, Tim also discusses being the touring drummer with Bell X1, and we soon move on to the worst album covers in the world.
Here's a sample, but check all of em out on out Flickr page

We then discuss Fergal's book "Trolley Ride in Manhattan" and the Irish Film and Television Awards.

Podcasting, RTE podcasts and opening public archives, corporate casting, as well as corporate practice, a teensy bit of politics and why the Irish are bad consumers is discussed.

Upcoming gigs include the Temple Bar Music Centre this Thursday the 10th of November- Love Action hosts Suffragete City, featuring Neosupervital and the Butterfly Explosion.

End music is Neosupervital's latest radio release: Nothing

It's another marketcast, recorded in Dublin's Market Bar, so apologies for the bad sound quality as Friday evening in a bar probably wasn't an ideal location choice.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Suffragette City @ TBMC - feat. Neosupervital

Hey Dublin CultureFans - be sure and come along to Suffragette City, the new late club I'm hosting with Sue (the other half of Love Action).

It's on every Thursday at the Temple Bar Music Centre featuring eclectic, dirty rock 'n rollectro played loudly by two ladies with impeccable dress sense. Only stipulation of the LOVE ACTION experience: it's gotta make you dance.

We're off this week due to the Revs cancelling their gig... but don't miss next week (10th Nov.) GREAT lineup including our very own personal favorite, Neosupervital. Doors are at 7.30. See y'all there!