Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Update on missing podcast #5 and casts from the States

Hey Culture Fans!

We recorded CultureSluts podcast #5 last monday (19/09), but unfortunately due to technical difficulties, it has been delayed indefinately :-( Hopefully we'll get it up and working eventually, so you can hear a great cast with our good friend Neosupervital as our Neosuperguest...

At the moment both Steve and I are in the States: San Francisco and New York respectively. While we're here, we plan to squeeze in a few local podcasts to record the local flavour and States-side goings-on.

So sorry for the delays, but keep your eares peeled and your iTunes subscribed.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Peter has sent us in some good feedback and links to the podcast, which we will cover in the next cast - in the meantime check out his blog http://www.petebuckley.com/.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Culture Sluts Podcast #4


Here's podcast #4!!

This week we're joined by guests Nancy Goering and Alex French.

We start off with a review the fabulous Electric Picnic. Alex gives us a review of the Fun Loving Criminals gig at Vicar Street last weekend.

We also discuss The BBC opening their archive to remixers and the effects of widespread digital distribution - podcasts and videocasts both amateur and professional, including YouTube. Is this the way forward for broadcasting?

Favorite website communities are mentioned, including the joys of Craigslist which has finally arrived in Ireland and Flickr for photo sharing.

We end with a comment about Wildlight and The Chalets new single 'Feel the Machine'.

Thanks to Dusty at Digital Audio Productions for the use of their great studio space!

Links to discussed topics:
Electric Picnic
BBC opens it's TV archive to remixers
You Tube
Craigslist Dublin
The Chalets
Digital Audio Productions

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Recovery week

Hey y'all, it took longer than we thought to recover from the Electric Picnic... but we do expect Poscast #4 to be up by Monday or Tuesday

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Culture Sluts Podcast #3

Culture Sluts Podcast #3 is finally up!

Culture Sluts Podcast here

This week Steve, Jessie & guest Alex's main discussion revolves around drink/bar/club culture in Dublin.

We also chat about the highlights of the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival and talk about the upcoming Electric Picnic festival and the Bulmer's International Comedy Festival.

Links to discussed topics:
Electric Picnic
Hard Working Class Heroes
and the highlights of the hwch festival
--The Mighty Stef
--The Urges
--The Maladies
Bulmers International Comedy Festival

Peter Buckley sent us this link to Irish Drink Laws

Coming Soon - podcast #3

The newest Culture Sluts podcast should be up later today... so wait with baited breath and keep refreshing your iTunes!