Tuesday, December 27, 2005

CultureSluts Podcast #11

At long last! the very anticipated, belated and slightly outdated
CultureSluts podcast 11!

In this episode Southern California's frightening architechture is dissed. We meet the one and only Jett Loe of Letter to America. The LTA vs CultureSluts rivalry is finally put to bed, we talk about our radio voices and how good looking we all are. Jessie's boyfriend's manliness is also questioned, we get a tip from Belfast, Love Action's outfits are described, and we even fit in a mention of Adam Curry.

We end with the song "Amino Acids' by Dublin's own Twin Kranes.


Blogger fixer said...

welcome back, was wondering where ya went! wish I had known you were going to SoCal, I would have placed an order for some dried chipotles & habeneros peppers...

7:52 PM  

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