Monday, November 07, 2005

CultureSluts Podcast #8

Podcast #8

We've got a LONG show this week, as we're joined by lovely guests Tim Neosupervital and Fergal O'Byrne.

We start off talking music; different venues around Ireland, from both a musician's and punters viewpoint. Besides being Neosupervital, Tim also discusses being the touring drummer with Bell X1, and we soon move on to the worst album covers in the world.
Here's a sample, but check all of em out on out Flickr page

We then discuss Fergal's book "Trolley Ride in Manhattan" and the Irish Film and Television Awards.

Podcasting, RTE podcasts and opening public archives, corporate casting, as well as corporate practice, a teensy bit of politics and why the Irish are bad consumers is discussed.

Upcoming gigs include the Temple Bar Music Centre this Thursday the 10th of November- Love Action hosts Suffragete City, featuring Neosupervital and the Butterfly Explosion.

End music is Neosupervital's latest radio release: Nothing

It's another marketcast, recorded in Dublin's Market Bar, so apologies for the bad sound quality as Friday evening in a bar probably wasn't an ideal location choice.


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