Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Culture Sluts Podcast #4


Here's podcast #4!!

This week we're joined by guests Nancy Goering and Alex French.

We start off with a review the fabulous Electric Picnic. Alex gives us a review of the Fun Loving Criminals gig at Vicar Street last weekend.

We also discuss The BBC opening their archive to remixers and the effects of widespread digital distribution - podcasts and videocasts both amateur and professional, including YouTube. Is this the way forward for broadcasting?

Favorite website communities are mentioned, including the joys of Craigslist which has finally arrived in Ireland and Flickr for photo sharing.

We end with a comment about Wildlight and The Chalets new single 'Feel the Machine'.

Thanks to Dusty at Digital Audio Productions for the use of their great studio space!

Links to discussed topics:
Electric Picnic
BBC opens it's TV archive to remixers
You Tube
Craigslist Dublin
The Chalets
Digital Audio Productions


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