Thursday, September 01, 2005

Culture Sluts Podcast #3

Culture Sluts Podcast #3 is finally up!

Culture Sluts Podcast here

This week Steve, Jessie & guest Alex's main discussion revolves around drink/bar/club culture in Dublin.

We also chat about the highlights of the Hard Working Class Heroes Festival and talk about the upcoming Electric Picnic festival and the Bulmer's International Comedy Festival.

Links to discussed topics:
Electric Picnic
Hard Working Class Heroes
and the highlights of the hwch festival
--The Mighty Stef
--The Urges
--The Maladies
Bulmers International Comedy Festival

Peter Buckley sent us this link to Irish Drink Laws


Blogger tysoireland said...

Hi Guys,
Another Classic Podcast created!
Nice to hear there was a Special Guest but I thought that He was a bit Quiet?
Good reviews etc...etc...
Ever hear of McGowans in Phibsboro?
It's a great spot , friendly People ( ok Friendly girls ;-)) drink is well priced.
It might be no harm in you guys mentioning where there are some good prices for a pint as that can have a serious effect on how good the place really is so if you know of any good places that are well priced please do mention it!
Also , Since you had a special guest what about posting a photo of when the podcast is beign recorded? Make us listeners feel closer to you all.
And to finish of with some info here a simple link to Drink laws in Ireland, might go in to your Links page??
Great Stuff !!

3:49 PM  
Blogger CultureSluts said...

thanks for your comments peter! I'll put that link up now...

10:12 PM  

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