Thursday, August 25, 2005

New Podcast on iTunes

You can get our new CultureSluts podcast on this link to the iTunes Store .... ( remember that u need iTunes 4.9 ). Happy Podcatching!

also - if u have another podcatcher like iPodder - the RSS is here : Culturesluts or this URL :


Blogger tysoireland said...

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10:25 PM  
Blogger tysoireland said...

Hi Guys,
just finished listening to your most recent Podcast , with Jessie Ward and Steve Mccormack.
I enjoyed it are the words id like to say.
Not too long adn not too short, with good info on the goings on in and around Dublin with regards to the Club and gig scene.
Sound was well edited and presented well , how ever with due respect to Steve i felt that He was interupting Jessie a little too much when she was doing a fine job of giveing the details. I guess the moral of the tale , Listen and reply... Listen and reply....
But otherwise great stuff, and i for one are now subscribed.
Keep it up!!

10:30 PM  

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